M&A Advisory

StoneCapital is specialized in Mergers & Acquisitions. Offers complete solutions for structuring operations of purchase or sale of shares, joint ventures and strategic alliances. StoneCapital team accompanies and advises clients on all aspects of the negotiation. All steps required for the successful completion of negotiations are conducted internally by a specialized team focused on M&A, guaranteeing the maximun results for clients.

Advice on Selling - Sell Side: The process of selling shares from a company requires professional and specialized support, enabling the client to have access to more complete information and full orientation to make the decision. With market knowledge and access to professional investors, StoneCapital increases the chances of success in a negotiation. Performing correctly the Valuation, previously identify problems that will be found in a due diligence and mainly conduct all steps with security and confidentiality, are just some of the features and advantages of the negotiations conducted by StoneCapital.

Advice on Buying - Buy Side: StoneCapital follows and represents the client in identifying the best options and offers comprehensive services for valuation and definition of the amount to be invested, ways of raising funds for the acquisition, as well as risk assessment (financial auditing). StoneCapital is specialized in identifying synergies between purchaser and acquired and offers assistance during the integration process.