Economic Valuation

Stonecapital uses the most modern tools of valuation of companies and business, being empowered to deliver exempt and complete reports, required to withstand the most demanding investment decisions,  following the main technical standards in force in Brazil.

The Valuation, when accomplished by market professionals, specialized in M&A, attend to several purposes as:
Purchase and Sale of Company's Shares:  necessary to guide the parties during the negotiation price and conditions definition / shares price to be transacted. Besides the fair price definition, company's valuation is useful to assist in the destination to be given to the liabilities (debts) to be assumed by the purchaser.
Value Based Management: to allow the company's strategic planning for oriented vision of added value perspective, may pose financial and competitive gains for entrepreneurs. From start-ups to multinationals, seeking differentiate themselves in the market and maximize returns for its shareholders, make use of economic valuations frequently has proved an excellent management tool.
Reports Required by CVM (Capital Market Authority): Stonecapital team is enabled to develop Reports for companies with shares traded on the stock exchange or subject to the norms of the Securities and Exchange Commission (applicable provisions of Law 11.638/07 and the CVM Instruction 361/02, CVM 436/06 and CVM 480/07).
Corporate Conflicts: necessary studies to resolve conflicts and negotiations intra-shareholders, serving as a source of information and guidance to lawyers and experts, Stonecapital has performed in dozens of projects in legal and administrative spheres.